Links naar andere Emoface gerelateerde websites.

Op deze pagina kan je verschillende links vinden naar sites die over smilies gaan. De meeste sites zijn alleen in het Engels beschikbaar en hebben daarom een Engelse omschrijving. Meer smile geschiedenis gerelateerde links kan je vinden op Smiley geschiedenis: De geschiedenissen van de Smiley

Overige smile sites

Crack's Smilies =)
Big collection of forum sized smilies. They also have kaos and game sprites.
Mantis Design
You might have seen one of their Have a ... posters. They got a pretty entertaining website featuring letters they have received and other cool posters. Have a Day Have a Night
eLouai smilies
His description: "A personal hand drawn collection of smiley face icons each with their own unique expressions and ethnicity."
Make sure you have a look at them I think they are very cool.
Their description: A place for smilies... what else can I say?

Software / Products

is a nifty utility to solve the problem of inserting smilies into forums around the internet.

Smile history

The Straight Dope: Who invented the smiley face?
Entertaining description on the search for the real inventor of the smiley face.
The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation
"Established in 2001 to honour the name and memory of Harvey Ball, the artist who in 1963 created that international symbol of goodwill, the smiley face."
More smile history related links can be found on the page Smiley history: The histories of the smiley face

Related sites

The describe themselves as: "The MoodSmilies website is designed to display your current mood at your website. It is not necessary to have a website to display your mood, but if you do you can get the code from the top left menu and add it any where at your site to display your mood to your visitors and allow them to comment as well!"

Niet Emofaces gerelateerde sites
The title pretty much sums it up. If you're b ored this is the site to go to to find some entertainment.